Ruth WilgressRuth Wilgress grew up in rural Southern Ontario, the youngest of six children. She has travelled and lived in a variety of places throughout her adult life. She lived and worked in Shizouka, Japan, Orlando, Florida, and then relocated to Kenora which is located in North Western Ontario. Rew currently lives, works and creates in Toronto, Canada for the last 8 years, and she enjoys her short visits north where she can enjoy the benefits of nature.

REW and Her Art:

I value visual arts that reflect a freedom to question, transform, explore and express curiosity and concern of life and bring balance and leading edge achievements.  In the last ten years I have found interest in the broken and abandoned, such as electronic materials, and I search for new ways to include these new found treasures into my paintings. Through my paintings I also show appreciation and explore the various concerns I have for the way in which our world is changing.

Since I was a young child I have found the visual arts a valuable form of self-expression and a place where I can explore, play and grow. Although I have my degree in Art History from McMaster University, I consider myself mostly a self-taught artist.  I understand the value of the creative process and I use it with individuals in my expressive arts therapy/psychotherapy private practice. (Link to)