Toronto Artist Ruth Wilgress aka REW
Art work displayed at Danforth Dental Office. 2013

24" x 12", acrylic on wood with various collaged electronic pieces

The artist Ruth Wilgress, aka REW, resides and has her artist studio in the west end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Ruth has always believed in the power of the arts, and values the process of transformation in her art.  In her art work you can find a variety of styles and approaches along with the addition of discarded, broken or found objects, such as electronics pieces.  Ruth enjoys taking apart the broken and/or unwanted and finding new homes for the pieces she finds and collects.

“Art is often a discovery process for me, I love to explore new ideas through paint.  I often like to take my art a step further, and add a third dimension, when I collage my collection of unwanted material.   I feel these collage pieces often give new and deeper meanings to my work; as well as, a variety of different perspectives to my viewers.   I look for value in the old, simple and the transformed”

“I am an artist who creates one of a kind paintings that give a sense of intrigue, simplicity, re-purpose, respect for nature, culture and different perspectives.”